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Hello My Name Is Dean Schlenker.
With 28 years of experience in online traffic and lead building campaigns, I’m here to help you. I aim to educate business owners while working hand in hand with them and help get the most value for their advertising investments. I don’t do pushy sales. My approach is simple and real, allowing my clients to grow as fast as they want.

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Internet Marketing for Local Business


Establish Your Business On Google

1st - Get A GBP - Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free tool that helps businesses create an online presence on Google Maps and Search. It allows businesses to manage their contact information, such as contact details, opening hours, photos, and online reviews. This improves online reputation and visibility in search results and provides accurate and up-to-date information for potential customers. If you do not have a GBP click below and go get one.(I made this guide Google Business Profile setup help) Local marketing all your business listings is really under rated!

2nd - Build & Rank Your GBP

Setting up a GBP is just the beginning. The next crucial step for success is Citations and Fundamental Foundation Building. I specialize in achieving top Google Maps rankings for businesses. Every business needs a presence on Google Maps, and I have dedicated my time to understanding how to rank number one. I know the key factors that Google considers for trustworthiness and ranking. By implementing these elements, I can ensure that your company appears as the top result on Google Maps, plus protect and build your brand and reputation.

Lead Generation & SEM

Other affordable services I offer, SEO, SEM, and SMM services. SEM includes paid search listings like PPC, adwords, ad postings, and display ads. SMM covers both paid and unpaid social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Business Profiles. Investing in my SEO strategies on Google is a smart budget allocation for consistently decreasing cost per lead. I increase online visibility, attract relevant traffic, and enhance conversions and profits for your company.

Local Internet Marketing

Local Maps is what companies need for smart Fundamental Foundation Building

I suggest that your main objective should be to achieve a top ranking on Google maps, as Google reports that over 85% of the searches are done via mobile devices. My aim is to enhance your online presence and attract more relevant traffic to your business. Utilizing local organic marketing can also be an effective strategy, but it’s important to be careful as improper techniques can negatively impact your maps ranking. Therefore, it would be best to consult with me before implementing any other local online marketing! We both agree that the ultimate goal is to secure the number one position on Google maps (GBP), while also maintaining a top spot in organic rankings. I will ensure that your marketing budget is utilized wisely in order to maximize results so local customers find you.

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It Is All About Ranking & Traffic!

I work for you! That’s the bottom line. I so enjoy seeing the results and the success I build for my clients. When you hire me to help out I am the flexible I-Guy that works just on your maps listing or can help you with pretty much any type of task. Over the years I have setup custom made programs and new A.I. Tools that help save my clients money and time! I also have helped my clients find the best profitable advertising strategies that were over looked. Search engine marketing (SEM) to search engine optimization (SEO) and even email marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, keyword research plus so much more is what I have to offer! No need to hire someone and provide a desk and computer, Save your money and get the right results fast!

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Internet Marketing for Local Small Business

Google, the #1 source your local store or local service needs

Google is the ultimate resource for your store or service. If you’re seeking increased foot traffic or more service inquiries, Google is the top-ranked website globally that can facilitate the growth of your business. If you desire to achieve the same level of success as others using Google and local SEO, contact me and let’s propel your business to the next level quickly using tools that produce high score website content! My services is a great way to get up to speed and have more local audience seeing you over your competition!

What is local internet marketing and why is it important for businesses?

Local internet marketing is a strategy that focuses on promoting businesses to customers in a specific local area. It is important for businesses because it helps them reach their target audience, increase visibility in local search results, and drive foot traffic to their physical locations.

Best Local Internet Marketing That is Budget Friendly!

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